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Greater Manchester Exec news

D Taylor
November 2017
It’s clear that the NEU has become a game changer in education as 12,000 members recruited since 1 September, more than 1.5% more than combined membership recruitment for the same period in 2016 with double the net growth.
It has been acknowledged that there are issues around accessing new members data as well as the new system for officers. Training will be made available soon.
91% of schools still face real-terms budget cuts. In the run up to the budget, there is still more we can do to make sure Philip Hammond can't ignore the school funding crisis. Following on from the lobby of MPs at Parliament, members are urged to continue to arrange meetings at a local level
NEU is a part of the campaign for a fully funded 5% pay claim. Our members have seen a15% loss in real terms since 2010. As we move towards the STRB submission, we will consider a range of tactics to help build momentum around the claim.
In the Greater Manchester area, the model pay policies seem to show recommendations for 2% to be applied across the MPS. Any discrepancies raised by reps or members should be challenged with local support.
The NEU workload campaign will be relaunched on 24th November on the back of the Unions survey results. Do look at the updated guidance and the Ofsted updates on Ofsted myths on the website as many schools are unaware of what isn’t required.
A new boost to the More than a Score campaign took place at Hamilton House, where the Union pledged its ongoing support to the campaign. The voice of education professionals is loud in the North-West as activists have organised a local launch event in Liverpool on January 30th and NEU members, Heads and parents are all encouraged to attend. Details will be shared in due course.
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 Call for a 5% pay rise for teachers Nick Wigmore
ASCL, NAHT, NEU, UCAC, and Voice are calling for an immediate fully funded 5% pay rise for all teachers. In a letter to Justine Greening, the unions have set out their concerns about the adverse impact that teachers’ pay is having on teacher supply because pay levels have fallen behind that of other graduate professions.
After seven years of real terms pay cuts due to the Government’s public sector pay policy, the Government must commit to a significant pay increase for all teachers and school leaders. In the letter the unions note the STRB’s view “that uncompetitive teacher pay, in a strong labour market with increasing opportunities for graduates, makes it a difficult environment in which to recruit and retain high quality graduates as teachers. The situation is now so critical that it requires firm and decisive action” and “presents a substantial risk to the functioning of an effective education system”.
The NEU is focusing on five key areas, demanding that the Government:
• Reverse the cuts
• Introduce new money into schools
• Include other sectors including Early Years and Sixth Form Colleges
• Have a five year funding plan
• Address historic underfunding
The Salaries (SSECR) committee were advised that the NEU would be conducting a pay survey in the near future. Previously this pay survey has proved useful in gathering Equality Impact data, allowing the Unions to raise legitimate concerns with the STRB about the issue of discriminatory pay practices in schools and academies, particularly in relation to ethnicity and maternity.
Sixth Form College Pay Negotiations
The committee was also advised that the NEU is seeking SFC members’ views in response to the 1% pay offer made by the Sixth Form College Association. This offer has been rejected pending further discussion with SFC reps and activists.
Life after ASOS - Tackling Workload Together
Changes to working practices secured previously under ASOS should be considered permanent rather than temporary. The NEU has not carried out a national ballot on ASOS so members wishing to take any new industrial action will need the support of a new industrial action ballot covering ALL members of the NEU including ATL and NUT section members. A Sixth Form College version of this document will be available in the near future.
DfE - Flexible Working in Schools
The committee discussed the contents of a DfE consultation on flexible working in schools. The above DfE document is a very useful reference for anyone appealing against decisions not to support applications for flexible work:
The Union has issued new guidance designed to replace ASOS, copies of which will be despatched to schools from 24th November. The Tackling Workload Together toolkit gives advice on identifying problems and the best way of successfully securing change. It is available online at