Annual General Meeting 2016. 


 Minutes for the NUT Section AGM, 26th April 2018



A. Slater, D. Clarke, S. Piper, A. Morgan, S. Bigwood, L. Cook, C. Borrell, Z. Blinston, J. Rudd, G. Piper, R. Cooper, K. woods, J. Howarth, N. Ryan, R. Tiffany, M. Pollard, J. Roberts.



S. Khan



A. Clark, C. Light, C. France, S. Baker, K. Ali, P. Dudley, J. Hall,

 L. Burston,


A minute silence was held in remembrance of our colleague Jim Pinder.


a. Minutes of the last AGM. – Proposed A. Slater, Seconded Z. Blinston, - Agreed.


b. Matters Arising – Conference delegates to be considered at another GM

c. Rule Changes - none


d. Reports. It was proposed to accept the reports by L. Cook, seconded J. Rudd, - Agreed


e. Treasurer's Report – L. Cook spoke briefly outlining the Associations Financial position

f. Auditor's Report

g. Adoption of Financial Statement - Proposal to accept both reports by S. Piper, seconded K.Woods, - Agreed

h. Installation of new President Susan Piper, the chain of office was exchanged and the President and Past President badges were presented.

i. Address by President & Guest speaker Shaheena Khan- Sue and Sheheena delivered an interesting talk regarding their recent delegation tour to Palestine. This was accompanied by a series of slides and focused mainly on children and teachers.

j. Vote of thanks to the Speaker for the Address – Mark Pollard thanked both speakers for their thoughtful and informative presentation.

k. Declaration of election of Officers, Committee Members – Julia Roberts read out the list of nominations for the committee, which were as follows:



Position                                                  Proposed and seconded by


President – Susan Piper                                Zac Blinston, Karen Woods

Vice President – Julia Roberts                     Anne Slater, Susan Piper

Secretary- Anne Slater                                 Zac Blinston, Karen Wooods

Assistant Secretary- Anne Morgan              Glenn Piper, Derek Clarke

Treasurer- Lesley Cook                                Glenn Piper, Anne Morgan

ISO- Susan Piper                                          Derek Clarke, Anne Slater

Membership- Anne Slater                            Lesley Cook, Susan Piper

H&S Advisor – Derek Clarke                      Lesley Cook, Karen Woods

YT Officer – Zac Blinston                           Anne Slater, Susan Piper

ULR - Anne Slater                                       Zac Blinston, Lesley Cook

Equalities Officer – Catherine France         Derek Clarke, Anne Slater

Supply Teacher Officer – Anne Morgan     Karen Woods, Anne Slater

Retired Teachers’ Rep - John Rudd            Anne Morgan, Derek Clarke

Exec. Committee Member- Mark Pollard   Glenn Piper, Anne Morgan



                                          Break for coffee and cake

l. Nominations for and election of Officers, Committee Members for which no nominations were previously made - None received

m. Election of Auditors.


Geoff Hubbard                 Proposed L. Cook seconded A. Slater


n. Committee Recommendations: Local Subscription, Honoraria, Grants and donations.  Zac Blinston proposed the following


For Local subscription to stay the same, seconded by Anne Morgan - Agreed

Honoraria of £500 for treasurer, seconded by Julia Roberts- Agreed

For the Committee to be able to agree donations and grants that arrive between GMs, seconded by Sue Piper - Agreed


o. Motions of which proper notice has been given to the Secretary.
             “Consideration of Nomination for National Treasurer”

Lesley Cook spoke on the three candidates and explained that the majority of the Committee favoured Hazel Danson. The opportunity for other speakers, or questions was given. Lesley Cook proposed we give Hazel Tameside’s nomination, Anne Slater seconded. – Agreed with one abstention and one against.


p. Discussion of matters declared urgent by the Meeting.

Anne Slater gave an update on staffing changes at the LA and advertised local events for members to attend.

                                                                                            Meeting closed at 6.21pm