Tameside NUT takes very seriously the Health and Safety of all teachers working in Tameside. This page provides you with information and Links which should be of help to you when you need it.

Derek Clarke is the H&S Representative for the NUT in Tameside. His role is to encourage the formation of H&S Committees is Tameside school, offer support and advice to members and to liase with Tameside Council on policies relating to Health and Safety in school. Asbestos in Schools Link to NUT website asbestos-in-schools

The setting up of Health and Safety committees in schools is a legal entitlement for all employees. All that is required within law is for two trade unions to request the formation of a H&S Committee. Once established the committee has considerable power in law under the 1978 Health and Safety at Work Act to deal with any issues which fall within its remit. Further details can be found at here