1.1 This Agreement will apply to all Community and Voluntary Controlled schools. The Council will negotiate its application to Voluntary Aided with the Governing Bodies of these schools.

1.2 In consideration of this Agreement, the Authority's teachers and their Professional Associations, in a spirit of cooperation and consultation, will seek to eliminate disruption in schools, and in particular the need to send pupils home.

1.3 The contents of this Agreement will form local conditions of employment to be included with the national conditions of employment as part of a teacher's letter of appointment to the service of the Council.

1.4 In implementing the terms of the Agreement, the Council, Governing Bodies and Head teachers will seek to ensure that there is a reasonable balance between a teacher's work commitment within school and school related work elsewhere.


2.1 The school year will commence on 1st September and the Council, in consultation with the Teachers' Consultative Committee, will determine its pattern.

2.2 Teachers are required to be available to work for 195 days per year and pupils are required to attend 190 days.

2.3 In Tameside the school terms will consist of 193 days in total of which 3 are occasional closure days. The Council has delegated to Governing Bodies the responsibility for determining the dates following the advice of the Head teacher who will have consulted staff.

2.4 The arrangements for the five nonpupil days on which teachers are required to be available for work each year are the responsibility of each school. The pattern for the majority of Tameside schools is: 3 full days to be taken on the occasional closure days;  the equivalent of 2 full days as disaggregated sessions (5 hours daily contact ratio is a reasonable equivalent of one day). Disaggregated sessions will normally take place immediately at the end of the school day. Where this is not the case a minimum of four hours per evening will be counted, of which one hour will include recognition of preparation time. There is no legal requirement that all teachers take their noncontact days, or any hourly equivalent, at the same time. Where Head teachers allow individuals to take these at different times, they are advised to maintain records of the time and its use for the purpose of inspection.

2.5 To provide schools with the maximum flexibility to fit local circumstances the length of the half term breaks to be determined by the Council as part of the annual holiday scheme will be as follows:

Autumn ................................................5 days

Spring ..................................................5 days

Summer - Secondary ..........................5 days

Primary and Nursery ..........10 days

Special Schools .................5 or 10 days dependant on preference 1 LER/REP/LRIACD_LOCAL AGREEMENT

2.6 Head teachers will inform parents of the dates of all occasional holidays and school INSET and planning days no later than the end of the summer term of the previous school year. Any variation in the published programme arising from an unforeseen circumstance will be made only after agreement between the Governing Body, Head teacher and staff at the school.

2.7 Elections Closure for local/European elections cannot be regarded as unavoidable closure (see unavoidable closure document). Schools required to close on an election day in such circumstances must use either one of their occasional pupil and teacher holiday or a school INSET and planning day. Closure for General/by Elections can be regarded as an unavoidable closure as they cannot be preplanned and dates are only usually given at very short notice. In such circumstances the Governing Body must decide whether it is reasonably practicable to reinstate the lost day and if so when.

2.8 Whit Friday Primary Schools where the majority of pupils take part in processions must take this as an occasional closure day. Parents of secondary pupils who wish their child to take part should obtain the consent of the Governing Body to their absence from school.


3.1 School Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Employment The use of the 1265 hours contained in this order could be allocated as detailed in the illustrative example shown below. It is recognised that individual schools may wish to vary these to fit local circumstances where consensus has been reached between the Head teacher and staff following consultations.

3.2 School Calendar

3.2.1 The school calendar containing all foreseen meetings should be published at least one week before the end of the previous summer term. If it should prove necessary, through unforeseen circumstances, to add or rearrange any activities, this new date should be agreed between the Governing Body, Head teacher and staff.

3.2.2 When setting the school calendar, Head teachers and Governing Bodies shall wherever possible give due regard to recognised Teacher Association members attending Borough wide Association meetings. The recognised Teacher Associations will endeavour to publish an annual programme of meetings in July for the following school year.

3.2.3 Normally the school calendar shall not include more than one planned after school meeting per week.

3.2.4 It is especially important to afford the opportunity for recognised Teacher Association members to attend general meetings and therefore the published dates for general meetings should be avoided when setting the school calendar.

3.2.5 Committee members of recognised Teacher Associations have a special responsibility and priority should be given to their attendance at committee meetings.

3.2.6 Duties Annual hours Pupil contact/School day...........1045 Planned Parents' Evenings........30 Planned Activities...........50/75 Pre and Post Session Supervision .......... 95/70 Contingencies ............5 School INSET and Planning Days/Aggregated hours ........ 30 2 LER/REP/LRIACD_LOCAL AGREEMENT The 95 hours for pre and post session supervision of pupils are based on 10 minutes before and after the pupil day and 5 minutes at each end of the midday break. Head teachers, in consultation with their staff may choose to operate within a lower maximum of 70 hours for teacher attendance immediately before and after sessions, based on:  5 minutes before and after each session on 4 days per week; and  a similar pattern on the fifth day but with an additional 10 minutes for whole school supervision such as clearing the premises or bus duty. Schools choosing a lower maximum of 70 hours may add up to 25 hours to planned activities.

3.3 Planned Parents' Evenings

3.3.1 Planned parents' evenings are defined as planned meetings with parents, which occur outside the pupil day, the purpose of which is to discuss their children's' progress.

.3.2 It is recommended that the number of planned parents' evenings should be determined by the Head teacher following negotiation with recognised Teacher Associations' school representatives and having regard to the custom and practice in each school within the hours proposed for such meetings. A minimum of 4 hours per evening will be counted, of which 1 hour will be in recognition of preparation time. It is envisaged that the majority of teachers will not have to attend all the meetings but, where local circumstances demand, variations can be agreed through consultation.

3.3.3 As some primary and special schools have regular informal parental consultation immediately after the pupil day the minimum of 4 hours specified above need not apply. In such circumstances time elements including preparation time will be the subject of agreement between the Head teacher and the staff.

3.3.4 It is recommended that prizegiving evenings, open evenings and careers conventions be counted towards planned activities time.

3.3.5 It would not be reasonable for a Head teacher to organise parents' meetings, prizegiving evenings, open evenings and careers conventions without consultation with staff.

3.4 Residentials For guidance please refer to the Working Time Protocol.

3.5 Weekend and Holiday Activities For guidance refer to the Working Time Protocol and Out of Hours School Policy.

4. PROVISION OF COVER FOR UNAVAILABLE TEACHERS This will be in line with the relevant sections of the current School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document and accompanying guidance

5. NON-CONTACT TIME This will be in line with the relevant sections of the current School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document and accompanying guidance


6.1 Annual Teaching Hours and Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time These will be in line with the relevant sections of the current School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document and accompanying guidance

6.2 Non-Teaching Duties The variation in patterns of parttime working and the other commitments of parttime teachers make it impractical to recommend a standard allocation of hours for each category of nonteaching duty. 3 LER/REP/LRIACD_LOCAL AGREEMENT The following principles will apply in every case:

6.2.1 The allocation of non-teaching hours to the duties identified in section 3 of this Agreement will be agreed between the Headteacher and the parttime teacher for the school year ahead and a written record kept;

6.2.2 A part-time teacher may be required to attend all the planned parents' evening(s) relevant to pupils taught, for which the minimum of 4 hours per evening will be counted;

6.2.3 A part-time teacher will normally be required to attend all major staff meetings on days when s/he is teaching in the school. The dates of these meetings will normally be published as part of the annual school calendar and, where possible, the meetings will be located adjacent to a session when the part-time teacher is normally teaching. On the small number of occasions when it proves necessary for a part-time teacher to make a supplementary journey to school in order to attend such a meeting, travelling time to a maximum of one hour may be counted against available non-teaching hours and travelling expenses will be paid at public transport or current teacher's mileage rates;

6.2.4 Part-time teachers will be required to attend a pro rata share of forward planning and INSET duties except where these conflict with a contractual commitment elsewhere. In such a case the teacher may be required to attend an alternative approved INSET activity appropriate to his/her needs and at a date and time, which does not conflict with his/her teaching or other contractual commitments. The parties to the Agreement hope that part-time teachers, in agreement with their Headteacher, will take the maximum opportunity afforded by the hours available to attend forward planning and INSET activities above their pro rata commitment. In such circumstances the school will reimburse them for the cost of the return journey from home to school at public transport or current teacher's mileage rates;


6.2.5 It will be recognised by the Headteacher and full-time staff that part-time teachers may not be able to undertake a pro rata share of some non-teaching duties if they are to have maximum involvement in parents' evenings, staff meetings, INSET and planning activities.

7. CLASS SIZE The Council will seek to improve the pupil teacher ratio of schools so as to enable a reduction in class sizes.


8.1 The parties to the Agreement will establish a Conciliation Panel to consider any difficulties over the interpretation of the Agreement which may be referred to it by the Council by any of the Teachers' Associations. The Panel will seek to achieve a resolution of the point or points at issue.

8.2 The Panel will comprise a minimum of four and a maximum of six representatives of the Teachers' Consultative Committee, to be equal numbers of Headteachers and teachers from the appropriate sector, and the Executive Director of Children and Young Peoples Service or his/her representative who will act as Chair.

8.3 On any issue which is referred to the Panel by the Council, the Council will seek to have equal representation on the Panel.

8.4 The Panel will meet within 15 working days of the referral of a case to it.

8.5 The Panel shall not have the power to vary the Agreement or to reach interpretations which in themselves are inconsistent with the current statutory School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Order

9. REVIEW OF THE AGREEMENT This Agreement shall be reviewed at the request of any of the parties. 4 LER/REP/LRIACD_LOCAL AGREEMENT